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Proiector Home Cinema Full HD 3D Panasonic PT-AT5000E

Proiector Home Cinema Full HD 3D Panasonic PT-AT5000E

Producător: Panasonic
Cod produs: PT-AT5000E
Disponibilitate: La comanda - Stoc Epuizat


Proiector 3D Home Cinema Full HDPanasonic PT-AT5000E

  • Perfect for 2D and 3D due to 480 Hz Intelligent 3D Frame Creation and 3D Detail Clarity Processor
  • Outstanding brightness due to 2.000 ANSI-Lumen and excellent contrast ratio of 300.000:1
  • Excellent colour reproduction due to "Red-Rich" Technology and Pure Colour Filter Pro
  • 21:9 Cinemascope and Intelligent Lens Memory 2 Function
  • Smooth-Screen 6 Technology and Waveform-Monitor 4
  • VIERA Link, dyn. Iris, dyn. Gamma correction, Lens-shift Function and Intelligent Power Management

Scanning Frequency

RGB fH: 15 kHz–74 kHz, fV: 24 Hz–85 Hz, dot clock: 154 MHz or lower
YPaPr 480i (525i), 576i (625i), 480p (525p), 576p (625p), 720 (750)/60p, 720 (750)/50p, 1080 (1125)/60i, 1080 (1125)/50i, 1080 (1125)/24p, 1080 (1125)/60p, 1080 (1125)/50p
S-Video / Video fH: 15.75 kHz, fV: 60 Hz [NTSC/NTSC4.43/ PAL-M/PAL60], fH: 15.63 kHz, fV: 50 Hz [PAL/PAL-N/SECAM]


Colour Full colour (1,073,741,824 colours)
Power Supply 100–240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power Cord Length [m] 3.0
Cabinet Material Moulded plastic (PC+ABS)
Dimensions [mm]
Width 470.0
Height 137.0
Depth 345.0
Weight [kg] 8.7
Power Consumption [w] 285.0
Operating Environment
Temperature 0°–40°C (32°–104°F)
Humidity 20%–80% (no condensation)
Power Consumption [W]
Standby 0.08
Normal Operation 285.0

Remote Control Unit

Power Supply 3 V DC (R6/AA type battery × 2)
Operation Range Approx. 7 m (23 ft) when operated from directly in front of the signal receptor
Dimensions [mm]
Width 48.0
Height 138.0
Depth 28.3
Weight [g] 8700.0

Further Specifications

DMD Active matrix
Pixels 2,073,600 (1,920 × 1,080) × 3, total of 6,220,800 pixels
Colours Full colour (1,073,741,824 colours)
Colour System PAL, PAL-M, PAL-N, SECAM, NTSC
Brightness (lumens) 2000.0
Contrast (high mode) 300.000:1
Keystone Correction Range Vertical: approx. ±30°
Optical Axis Shift Horizontal +/-26 percent and vertical +/-100 percent.
On-screen menu Vertical: ±100%, horizontal: ±26%
Installation Ceiling/desk, front/rear (menu selection)
Optional Accessories Replacement lamp unit: ET-LAA310 / Ceiling mount bracket for high ceilings: ET-PKA110H / Ceiling mount bracket for low ceilings: ET-PKA110S / 3D IR transmitter: ET-TRM110 / 3D eyewear: TY-EW3D***

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